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Nakatsu Castle

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Structure, the history, charm of Nakatsu Castle

Nakatsu Castle is a castle (Flatland Castle) which was in current Nakatsu-shi, Oita of Japan.

This Castle was constructed by the ground of the Nakatsugawa river mouth facing the Suo rough sea. As seawater is drawn into a moat, this Castle is classified as a " Mizu Shiro (Warter Castle) " too. Around a Honmaru , Ninomaru is to the north, Sannomaru is to the south, and in total almost make a right-angled triangle and was seen in the form of the Ougi. It is unclear about the existence of the Castle Tower. The Castle Tower does not continue being drawn to the illustrated map of the Edo era, It is in the letter of Josui Kuroda saying "I pile up money on the Castle Tower and saved it", and there is the record to indicate the existence of the Castle Tower. The Stone Wall that remains in Nakatsu Castle is the oldest one in Kyushu as the existing Stone Wall of the modern times Castle.
 In 1587, Josui Kuroda was given Buzen country 180000 koku from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.Josui entered a Castle first in " Umagadake Castle ". In 1588, Josui began construction of the Nakatsu Castle in the Yamakuni River river mouth which was the center of the territory. In 1600, the Kuroda family attacked the feudal tenure of the west military from the Nakatsu Castle at the time of the Battle of Sekigahara with Tokugawa direction. By the distinguished war service of Kuroda Nagamasa, the Kuroda family was added to Chikuzen 520,000 koku, they became transfered to Nagashima Castle. So construction of the Nakatsu Castle is suspended. In the same year, Tadaoki Hosokawa enters a territory in 390000 koku. and he started great repairing.
 In 1632, by Kumamoto feudal clan change seal of the Hosokawas, Nagatsugu Ogasawara entered this Castle in 80,000koku. and Nakatsu feudal clan is formed virtually. Afterward, the Nakatsu Castle became the Castle of the person of Nakatsu feudal clan feudal lord . In 1717, Masanari Okudaira enters a territory in 100,000koku.It became the Castle of the Okudairas until the Meiji Restoration.
 Now the seen Castle Tower was built in the northeast corner of the Honmaru upper section for the purpose of tourism development in 1964.