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Iwamura Castle

【 Hokuriku ・ Tokai 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Iwamura Castle

Iwamura Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Iwamuracho, Ena-shi, Gifu of Japan.

Because fog occurs frequently in the vicinity, it is also called " The Fog Castle ".
 This Castle was built at the highest place (altitude of 717 m) among the Edo clan, and this Castle is Yama shiro that the strong position that used the topography of the natural defense of difference in height180m skillfully is strong. Even the foggy weather is utilized for castle making.
 The affinity that this Castle is said to be a Fine Castle merely comes from the long history as well as the scale and size.
 After, in 1185, chief vassal "Kagekado Kato" of Yoritomo Minamoto is appointed by the lord of a manor of this ground and was constructed this castle, for 300 years of Kamakura, the Muromachi for 100 years of the Age of Sengoku,  Furthermore, a Castle and the lord of a Castle follow without a break for 300 years of Edo period, this Castle continued endlessly until it was done an abandoned castle in "an abandoned castle law" in the Meiji era.  The history of the castle for 700 years is the thing which does not look at the example in history of castle of Japan either.
 Ishigaki in the vicinity of Honmaru is a magnificent making which makes the image of the ruins image so that it can be called "Oriental Machu Picchu", Ishigaki that makes people sigh of admiration reminds me of the aspect of those days.
 Because the Iwamura Castle was a castle in the border with Oda and Takeda, it was often rolled up in the war. A fight around the Iwamura Castle intensified from 1572 through 1575.
 The lord of a castle turns busy for Oda, Toyotomi Era, and the lord of a castle is replaced several times for Tokugawa era,In 1601, Ienori Matsudaira moved the lord of a castle house which was on the mountain to the northwest foot of a mountain of the castle and maintained a castle town.