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Takatori Castle

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Structure, the history, charm of Takatori Castle

Takatori Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Takatori-cho,Takaichi-gun, Nara of Japan.

 This is a Magnificent Mountain Castle built at the mountain top of Takatori Mountain with an altitude of 583 meters above sea level, and 350 meters of relative height.  Only a Stone Wall is left now, In the complicated territory, we are overwhelmed to a Stone Wall built by total extension 2,700m.
 It is conveyed with an opening that Kunizumi Ochi constructed this Castle in 1332.  Originally it functioned as a Branch Castle of Kaibukiyama Castle which was main Castle of Ochi.  Nobunaga Oda stipulates that " Yamato Domestic Castle is only Koriyama Castle ", so this Castle was once abandoned in 1580.  After Nobunaga was killed in Honnoji-Temple Incident, in 1584, Junkei Tsutsui changed it to a full-scale fort as one of the branch castle networks.  In 1585, Tsutsui became the change seal in Iga country Ueno, and Hidenaga Toyotomi entered Kooriyama Castle, and Yamatonokuni was a follower of Hidenaga. Takatori Castle was given to Toshihisa Honda.  In 1589, Toshihisa Honda ordered the vassal and constructed it into a new territory.  In Honmaru Triple big and small Castle Tower connected with a Tamon oar , in Ninomaru a daimyo's mansion is built ,and In the Castle 17 Triple oars stood .  In addition, the Samurai Mansion was maintained in the within this Castle, A spectacular Mountain Castle unparalleled in appearance has emerged.  The vassal corps ran a Castle Town in the Takatori city of the foot of this mountain.  After the Battle of Sekigahara, Toshimasa Honda was accepted the achievement that took sides with Ieyasu Tokugawa, he became the first feudal lord of the Takatori feudal clan 25,000 koku.  Because a child was not in Masatake of the child of Toshimasa, the Rule of Honda ended in 1637.  In 1640, Iemasa Uemura of the direct feudatory of a shogun was collected by a daimyo of 25,000koku and became the new lord of a castle.  After that, Uemuras became a Castle Owner for 14 generations to the Castle Owner Iehiro Uemura of Meiji Restoration.  In 1873, this Castle became the abandoned castle.
 Most buildings were lost, it favors it that there are the remains of an ancient structure on the out-of-the-way mountaintop, it keep an approximately complete state now without collapsing artificially.  However, a tree grows up, and a root stretches, and because maintenance and repair are not enough, the form of the Stone Wall collapses, and the point with the risk of the collapse exists, too.