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    【 Kanto · Koshinetsu 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Matsumoto Castle

    Matsumoto Castle is a castle (Flatland Castle) which was in current Matsumoto-shi, Nagano of Japan.

    Triple Mizubori rotates around a Castle Tower. The Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sannomaru are almost maintained in a square . This Castle is the oldest national treasure Castle in Japan among the existing fivefold the sixth-floor Castle Tower. Overcoming the crisis of some survival by the passion of the citizens, endured the wind and snow for over 400 years, the Castle Tower as it is during the Sengoku period is preserved.
     In 1504-1520, Ogasawara of Shinano protection constructed the Hayashi Castle, and it is said to be an opening that Fukashi Castle was built as one of the branch Castles. In 1548, Shinano invasion by Takeda of Kai was started and Hayashi Castle, Fukashi Castle fell in 1550, and Nagatoki Ogasawara was ousted from Shinano protection. Harunobu Takeda who perceived that the Fukashi Castle was a strategic important area performed large-scale repair of the Fukashi Castle. For the next 30 years, under the control of the Matsumoto Basin, this castle was taken as the base of the Shinano capture. Afterwards, Harunobu Takeda conflict with Yoshikiyo Murakami of Shinano Chiisagata-gun and Kagetora Nagao (Kenshin Uesugi) of the Echigo country and made the Shinano whole area to Kitashinano the fief.
     After Takeda was defeated by the Oda, Tokugawa forces by the Battle of Nagashino in 1575, Yoshimasa Kiso entered to the Fukashi Castle, In 1582, Sadayoshi Ogasawara who got support of Kagekatsu Uesugi restored the lost territory after Honnoji-Temple Incident and renamed this castle to Matsumoto Castle. As a result of the Odawara conquest by Hideyoshi Toyotomi of 1590, the Tokugawa family was moved to Kanto, and Hidemasa Ogasawara who was a lord of Matsumoto Castle at the time moved to Furukawa of the Shimousa country, too. Instead of it, Kazumasa Ishikawa, Yashunaga parent and child entered to this Castle and built the magnificent Castle Tower to look at in now and performed the maintenance of the Castle Town, too. Afterwards Yashunaga Ishikawa won by the Battle of Sekigahara in favor of the Tokugawa family, but became the attainting by Nagayasu Okubo incident in 1613. Instead of it, Hidemasa Ogasawara entered to this Castle again in 80,000koku. At the after of the Battle of Osaka, Yasunaga Matsudaira entered to this Castle. Tadakiyo Mizuno entered to this Castle in 1642. The management of the Castle Town came to be set in earnest at that time. After the Mizuno family, Mr. Toda Matsudaira who started with Yasunaga Matsudaira did the castle from generation to generation. In 1727, Honmaru Palace was destroyed by fire. The later clan government work was carried out in Ninomaru.
     After the Meiji Restoration, in 1872 a Castle Tower was auctioned, and there was a crisis of dismantling temporarily, but it was bought back by efforts of local influential people and escaped the difficulties. The outskirts of this castle are maintained as Matsumoto Castle park and the majestic figure which sat on the Northern Alps and various expressions to show every season are beautiful and are got close to many people as a symbol of Matsumoto.