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Akou Castle

【 Kinki 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Akou Castle

Akou Castle is a castle (Flatland Castle) which was in current Ako-shi, Hyogo of Japan.

 In from 1466 to 1483, Mitsuhiro Oka constructs the Kariya Castle. It becomes the first construction of a Castle in this ground.In 1600, Nagamasa of the younger brother of Terumasa which was Himeji feudal lord became Ako feudal lord and built Ootaka Castle which was a forerunner of Akou Castle in Kariya, Ako-gun. In 1613, Akaho becomes the feudal tenure of Tadatugu of the Bizen Okayama feudal lord in the second sons of Terumasas, and one fold of Moat, Stone Wall, Oar, gate is built.
 In 1615, Masatsuna which is a younger brother of Tadatsugu is given 35,000 koku, and Ako Feudal Clan is established. This Castle is built in earnest.
In 1631,Masatsuna dies,Teruoki of the younger brother is entered the country. Furthermore, he built an oar, and a stable. According to the illustrated map owned by the individual who drew Akou Castle Town of this time, at the time the Akou Castle is considered to have been near "Jinya" rather than a "Castle". In the times of Masatsuna and Teruoki, power seemed to be classified into forming a Castle Town than construction of a Castle. Particularly, We drew waterworks from the river as groundwater was not usable because this was a city close to the sea. Since its history is old, the waterworks is now counted as the Japan's Three Biggest Water Supply. In 1645,Naganao Osano entered the country in 53,000 koku. In 1661, Akaho Castle is completed. In 1701,"Asano" has become the attainting by a blade wound case for Yoshihisa Kira in Edo Castle which 3s Naganori Asano caused.・・・"Genroku Chushingura". The Castle becomes the jurisdiction of Harima Tatsuno feudal lord, Yasuteru Wakizaka. In 1702, Hironao Nagai entered the country in 33,000 koku. In the same year, Ako masterless samurai makes a raid on the Kira's house. In 1706, Naganao Mori entered the country in 20000 koku. Mori becomes the lord of a castle until Establishment of Prefectures in Place of Feudal Domains. In 1873, this Castle becomes the abandoned castle by an abandoned castle law.