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Structure, the history, charm of Chihaya Castle

Chihaya Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Chihayaakasakamura, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka of Japan.

This is a Castle of Masashige Kusunoki whom existed from the late Kamakura period to the Northern and Southern Courts period.
This Castle is located in the halfway up a Kongosan mountain almost the natural fortress, among the valleys where three directions are deep, One remaining direction becomes the ridge affecting the summit of Kongosan mountain. It was very strong Yamashiro. Masashige Kusunoki built this Castle as a base to recapture Akasaka Castle which was robbed by the Kamakura Shogunate.
 " Battle of Chihaya castle "  - Masashige who nominated a soldier of the anti-Shogunate with an inverse curtain plan of the Emperor Godaigo fought hard in spite of being a small army for the Shogunate forces of the big army and repulsed it. In 1333, the Shogunate forces invaded the Chihaya Castle, but they held out a siege in 1,000 people and avoided the army of 1 million 100 days. Masashige let a siege in Yamashiro succeed using various covert plans. The military commander who called imperial decree of Overthrow of the government of the Emperor Godaigo while the Shogunate forces were glued to Chihaya Castle raised an army in each place, and the military commander who are attacking the Chihaya Castle went back in sequence. In this way the Chihaya Castle succeeded in a siege war.
 While the Shogunate army takes time to capture Chihaya castle, Kamakura that became insufficient is attacked by Yoshisada Nitta and others, and the Kamakura Shogunate will be ruined. And, after an inverse curtain, Masashige began new political system Kenmu Restoration with Takauji Ashikaga and others, but In conflict with Takauji, the world spreads out to the late Kamakura period to the Northern and Southern Courts period. Afterwards the Chihaya Castle became the castle of the Kusunokis, but It was captured in 1392 by Motokuni Hatakeyama and became the fall of a castle.
 Now the site of Castle becomes the precincts of Chihaya Shrine, and most of the remains of an ancient structure at the time do not stay.