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Kannonji Castle

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Structure, the history, charm of Kannonji Castle

Kannonji Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Azuchicho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga of Japan.

In the correct construction of a castle generation, it is not sure, but it is thought that it has been already built at that time as there is the description that Ujiyori Rokkaku stayed for the Akiie Kitabatake forces in 1335 for classic " Taiheiki ". There are many "Kuruwa" more than 1,000 places, and the Kanonji Castle is considered to have been large-scale Yamashiro of the largest mountain castles in Japan where most were surrounded by with a stone wall.  For a characteristic of Yamashiro, it is common that it establishes the house at the foot of a mountain to be convenient for the residence, and there are a battle and facilities of the defense near the mountaintop, but, the point where "Kuruwa" having high livability such as land for sale by the lot or the housing complex is deployed in the whole foot of a mountain in this castle is greatly different from other Yamashiro. It is thought that a political position and relations of Mr. Rokkaku are close as for this. Originally it was necessary for the castle to have a wide mansion because a lot of vassals that the independence awareness was high in this area carried out politics such as them and the coalition government. A scale was largest in Japan, but, rather than a Castle for the defense, it is authoritative and seemed to be a politics-colored strong Castle. There were not the simple " Entrance to a Castle " or " Moat ", and the facilities for the purpose of the defense were very poor. Takayori Rokkaku did not carry out the full-scale siege war and took the tactics to fix the power after having evacuated the Castle once, and to recapture again many times.
 By the Onin War that lasted ten years from 1467, a battle was developed three times in Kanonji Castle. The first is April, 1468. The second is November, 1468. The third is May, 1469.  When Takayori Rokkaku invaded Shogunate Crown lands, he receive an expedition personally conducted by the Emperor from 9s general Yoshinao Ashikaga in September, 1489 and received an expedition personally conducted by the Emperor of 10s general Yoshitane Ashikaga of the cousin in August, 1491, but Takayori twice abandons Kanonji Castle and develops a guerilla war in mountains of Koka and he evacuate the Castle temporarily, but recapture it together afterwards. In 1502, As Sadataka Iba which is a bureaucrat of Takayori Rokkaku caused a revolt, Takayori Rokkaku evacuates in Otowa Castle. They conclude a peace conference afterwards. In 1516, Sadataka Iba caused a revolt again, and they struck the Kanonji Castle, but they were defeated. In 1525, Sadataka Iba attacks Kannonji Castle the third time with the gap that Sadayori, the second son of Takayori, has been on the battlefield. In 1532, 12s general, Yoshiharu Ashikaga relies on Rokkakus. The Muromachi Shogunate existed here as the temporary Imperial Palace in the precincts of the Kuwanomi temple in the foot of a mountain of the Kanonji Castle for approximately three years. Sadayori built the golden age of the person of Rokkaku in this way.
 In 1552, Yoshikata Rokkaku becomes the present head of a household of the person of Rokkaku. Afterwards he help the thirteenth general Yoshiteru Ashikaga and Harumoto Hosokawa and fight against Miyoshi and Asai. In 1552, Yoshiharu Rokkaku becomes the present head of a household of the person of Rokkaku. In 1568, Nobunaga Oda had Yoshiaki Ashikaga and founded the big army of the visit to the capital, but Rokkakus refused the service in a war request and fought against Nobunaga Oda. But, Yoshikata Rokkaku escaped from the Kanonji Castle and did " The bloodless surrender of the Castle "when Mitsukuri castle and the Wadayama castle of the branch castle were conquered by Nobunaga. Then, we can confirm many remains of an ancient structure such as fieldwork or the stone wall of the thing going to ruin even now because this castle just became the abandoned castle.  In 1577, Nobunaga built the Azuchi Castle at the peak of the ridge in the north side of Kannonji Castle, so Kanonji Castle finished its " Function ".