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Odani Castle

【 Kinki 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Odani Castle

Odani Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Ibe, Kohoku-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga of Japan.

It is a Castle of the Sengoku Period Daimyo Asais. Sukemasa, Hisamasa, Nagamasa was ruled this country for three generations and was proud of prosperity. This castle is Yamashiro who is long in the north and south that just utilized a ridge line and a valley line of the Odani Mountain whole area, It is thought that there was Honmaru near Oozuku Castle located the north at the time of construction of a castle more than current Honmaru trace.Expansion was repeated from generation to generation by Hisamasa,Nagamasa.
 Nagamasa which was the third generation invited " Oichi " which was a younger sister of Nobunaga Oda as his legal wife. It is a political marriage. Nobunaga who got rid of resistance of the power of the Oomi northern part in this way achieves a visit to the capital in 1568. In 1570, Nobunaga carries out an Asakura attack successively, Nagamasa Asai who repelled this takes sides with Asakura. By this thing, an intense fight with Nobunaga and Asai begins. In the next year, Asai Asakura Allied Forces 25,000 crashes into Oda Tokugawa Allied Forces 30,000 by the fight of Ane River. In this battle, Nobunaga gained victory and built Yokoyama Castle and Toragozeyama Castle against Odani Castle. In superior Nobunaga, as a result of having continued Intelligence activity, influential vassals grow away in sequence, and Asai will gradually stand alone afterwards. And, in August, 1573, it was attacked from Shimizudani by the army of the Tokichiro Kinoshita Hideyoshi and others who marched, and Odani Castle fell at last.
 After the fall of a castle, it is Tokichiro Kinoshita Hideyoshi to have been given this country. Hideyoshi who was convinced that this Yamashiro was not practical built a new Nagahama Castle and made this Odani Castle the Abandoned Castle.