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Sasayama Castle

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Structure, the history, charm of Sasayama Castle

Sasayama Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Kitashinmachi, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo of Japan.

In 1609, Ieyasu Tokugawa moved Yasushige Matsudaira to Tanba country Yakami Castle from Hitachi country Kasama Castle and gave it an order for construction of a new Castle more. It is said to this that it was a purpose that assume a stop of Saigoku Daimyo including Toyotomi of Osaka by building the Castle in the Sasayama, Tanba Basin that is a strategic point of Sanin Road. He decides Sasayama where is the hill of the Sasayama Basin center as a construction place and, Takatora TODO who was known as a master of castle construction was in charge of the Nawabari ( the layout of a castle and its component structures). Terumasa Ikeda acted as a Fushin Soubugyo (the General Magistrate of Civil Engineering and Construction Office) and this Castle was completed by the Tenkabushin (construction order by the Tokugawa shogunate) by the daimyo of 20 in 15 countries in six months.
 This Castle has Uchihori and Sotohori and establishes Honmaru and Ninomaru in Uchihori. The outer circumference of Sotohori was a nearly square with about 400m on one side, Umadashi (The embankment which made before the castle gate a hemicycle or a quadrangular. It prevents the enemy from entering straight ) was established in the east north and south respectively. Because remains of an ancient structure of Umadashi are left now, this castle is famous. The earthen wall around Ninomaru stuck out of Bellows Fold outward here and there, and invention to reduce a blind spot of Hazama was done. There was the Tenshudai (foundation of the Tensyu) from the beginning of construction of this Castle, but the castle tower was not built. It is informed that the Shogunate was concerned about Stone Wall and the Structure of this Castle including the Moat being too too strong as for it. Afterward It reached in Meiji era via the castle in the Matsui Matsudairas one generation, the Fujii Matsudairas two generations, the Katahara Matsudairas five generations, the Aoyama six generations.
 This Sasayama Castle is a castle of the middle scale for a castle, at the time when the technique of the citadel increased really, besides, Tenkabushin would include the prestige of the Shogunate, too. We are made to recognize the staunchness of this castle some other time when we look at the Stone Wall Group left in now.