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【 Shikoku 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Yuzuki Castle

Yuzuki Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Dogomachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime of Shikoku of Japan.

Yuzuki Castle is a made castle by Michimori Kouno of the famous lineage Kounos who based on the Kazahaya county Kawano volost (existing Hojo-shi, Ehime) from the late Heian period having moved a base to Dougo (existing Matsuyama-shi) in the Northern and Southern Courts period. Moat and fieldwork at the time exist.
In 1335, constructed by Michimori Kouno. It was a Castle with only Moat and Earthwork, without any architectural objects like the Castle of the Early modern era a building, a castle tower, the oar, etc. As the oldest record to remain about Yuzuki Castle, there is the description that Mr.Kukuna of the Southern Court attacked this castle in 1342. It is said that an Outside Moat was made in about 1535 by Michinao Kouno. After 1581, Motochika Chosokabe of the Tosa country which aimed at conquering Shikoku invaded the Iyo country and was at war with Michinao. The military of the Takakage Kobayakawa and others who received an order of Hideyoshi Hashiba for conquering Shikoku in 1585 invaded and attacked and destroyed Mototaku Kaneko of the lord of Kaneko castle, and Michinao Kouno of Yuzuki Castle surrendered after a siege for approximately one month, too. In Michinao Kouno, the life was saved, but died of an illness two years later. This castle was given in Takakage Kobayakawa, but, as for him, was transferred soon in Chikuzen. In 1587, Masanori Fukushima became the lord of a castle, but, in this castle, it was an Abandoned Castle because he moved a Castle to Kokubunyama Castle soon. In 1602, construction of a castle of Matsuyama-jo Castle is started by Yoshiakira Kato, and after that Kato, Gamo, Matsudaira become Matsuyama feudal lord of Iyo country. In construction of Matsuyama Castle, it is recognized that the building materials such as tiles of Yuzuki Castle were misappropriated by excavation.