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Fukuyama Castle

【 Shikoku 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Marunouchi, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima of Japan.

In 1619, As it was done the Masanori Fukushima attainting that ruled Bingo country and the Aki country after the Battle of Sekigahara , Katsunari Mizuno which was a cousin of Ieyasu Tokugawa entered this country. Katsunari was given 10 Mangoku of the southeastern part of Bingo country and the southwestern part of Bicchu country in total as control for the influential Tozama daimyo of West Japan including Mori, and change sealed it from the Koriyama feudal clan of the Yamato country. It was The lord of a castle of the Bingo Kanbe Castle on the territory list at the time of the entry. But, it was fixed at building the castle newly as there was the history that there was Kannabe castle slightly inland and fell many times in the past. It was an exceptional case for this time when " The Ikkoku Ichijo Rei ( Law of One Castle per One Province ) " was thorough. This castle featured the large-scale castle tower called five levels of the seventh floor. After death of Katsunari, it continued to Katsutoshi , Katsusada , Katsutane . But, in 1698, Because an inheritor disappeared by a premature death of 5s feudal lord Katsumine Mizuno , the Fukuyama feudal clan is considered to be an Imperial demesne temporarily.
【 Battle of the late Tokugawa period in Fukuyama Castle 】
In 1865, the Abes 9s feudal lord Masakata Abe sent troops for the Second Choshu Conquest participation to the Iwami country. However, It was defeated completely by the fight with Choshu armies, and the Fukuyama feudal clan which called a soldier back looked on in a disturbance by the late Tokugawa period. But, in 1868, Fukuyama Castle which was an important base on the Shogunate side in the west country will catch the first attack. In 1873, due to the " Waste Castle Ordinance " it became abandoned and most of the facilities were paid to the private sector. The building was sold or dismantled as a building material Most of the sites other than Honmaru were sold and diverted to residential land and farmland. A current Castle Tower is a thing revived with steel reinforced concrete structure in 1966.