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Structure, the history, charm of Takeda Castle

Takeda Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Wadayamacho takeda, Asago-shi, Hyogo of Japan.

It is located in the top of the mountain to look up at from Castle Town far highly, and the prospects open it from any Kuruwa and feel even the illusion that the whole Castle floats in the sky and are called "Castle in the sky" and "Machu Picchu in Japan" because a Sea of Clouds is often caused by river mist of the Maruyama River. Though it's in the steep topography, it is the castle of the Total Stone Wall which surrounded all of Kuruwa with a Stone Wall. It pass through approximately 400 years from an abandoned castle, but a stone wall is left in the approximately same state, and it is a Japan's leading scale as existing Yama Shiro.
About Sea of Clouds :: It is easy to occur from September in particular to November.
 There are many other unknown points about the construction of Takeda Castle without other historical materials. According to "The Historic Spot, Takeda Castle", it is said that this Castle is constructed in 1431 by Tajima protection Sozen Yamana, and Mitsukage Otagaki became the first lord of this Castle. At this period, between 1441 and 1455, a military collision often happened among Harima protection Akamatsu with Tajima protection Yamana. The Takeda Castle at the time was the base that protected a border of Harima (Akamatsu) and Tajima (Yamana), and it was the base of the sortie to subjugate Harima. In 1467, When Onin War happened the Tajima district became the place of the fight of Hosokawa and Yamana. In 1522, Nobutoyo Yamana invaded Harima, Otagaki of subordinates of Yamana does not come to obey appearance forces request either, Akamatsu regains unity and will expel the Yamana forces from Harima. In the Tajima district, Mr. Otagaki acted as the lord of a castle for five generations, but the Takeda Castle often became the stage of the war. In 1577, Hidenaga Hashiba who is a younger brother of Hideyoshi Hashiba captures Takeda Castle (Battle of the Takeda Castle). In substitution for Terunobu Otagaki, Hidenaga Hashiba acted as a Castle Warden. When between Nobunaga and Mori gradually turned worse before long, Nobunaga dispatched Hideyoshi Hashiba in Harima. In 1577, Hideyoshi is met by Yoshitaka Kuroda, and entered to the Himeji Castle. There were 2 purposes. To control the many generals in Tajima area supporting Mori army and to reserve Ikuno Ginzan. In 1579, Hidenaga attacked Tamba from Takeda Castle to support Mitsuhide Akechi under the direction of Nobunaga, but it was thought that Hidenaga pulled up after this in Harima without coming back to the Taketa Castle, and Terunobu Otagaki of Mori entered soon to the Taketa Castle. In 1580, once Hidenaga started Tajima attack again, he surrendered without serious resistance. Mr. Otagaki's control was completely destroyed at the end. Shigeharu Kuwayama entered to the Takeda Castle as the lord of a castle. When Shigeharu Kuwayama becomes the change seal to Wakayama Castle, it is replaced, and Hirohide Akamatsu becomes the lord of a castle. Hirohide Akamatsu formed the castle of the magnificent stone wall like the present, and Takeda Castle was completed. Hirohide Akamatsu who was this last lord of a castle belonged to the West Military by the Battle of Sekigahara and became the defeat. In 1600, he was made to commit harakiri by an order of Ieyasu. By a policy of the Edo Shogunate, the Takeda Castle became the abandoned Castle afterwards.