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Structure, the history, charm of Yoshidakoriyama Castle

Yoshidakoriyama Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Yoshidacho yoshida, Akitakata-shi, Hiroshima of Japan.

It is considered to be ignorance at the construction of a Castle time, but was done with the former foundation from Gion Corporation in the castle (1325). This Castle amounts to the Koriyama Moutain whole mountain located the north of the Yoshida Basin sandwiched between Kawai River and Tajihi River. Original Kooriyama Castle is a small castle of the fort degree, it was the same as the Castle of the kokujin ryoshu (local samurai lord) and gozoku (local ruling families), there was not the big change until 1523 when Motonari Mouri entered this Castle. Motonari plans the ecdysis from a leader of kokujin ryoshu to the Sengoku Period Daimyo, and expanded the Castle area in the whole Yoshidakoriyama Mountain. For the remains of an ancient structure of the castle, more than 270 Kuruwa existed in a ridge and the supporting ridge and valley region that spread radially from the mountaintop part of approximately 390m above sea level. The complicated territory that put plural ridges together is the characteristic that is greatly different from the castle of other the kokujin ryoshu.
Mori becomes the affiliation of Ouchi and comes to fight against Mr. Amago since Motonari inherits birthright. From 1540 through 1541, Haruhisa Amago surrounds this Castle with a large army that is said to be 30,000 people, So the Mori Army will hold out a siege with about 8,000 people including the people of the domain. The siege war extended more than four months, but Motonari repulses the Amago military with reinforcements 20,000 of Ouchi and wins against this battle. Afterwards Motonari extended the power based in Yoshidakoriyama Castle and destroyed Ouchi and Mr. Amago and became the conqueror of the Chugoku district. In Yoshidakoriyama Castle where expansion, maintenance was continued, not only Motonari of the lord of a castle but also the hall of real child Takamoto Mori and some chief vassals is said to have been established, From conventional Yamashiro which serves a basket in a castle only in the wartime, it turned into a castle with the modern role that the house of the time of peace and a wartime castle unified. Yoshidakoriyama Castle located in the basin of the mountains has bad convenience to transportation. When Hiroshima Castle is almost completed in 1591, Yoshidakoriyama Castle finishes the role as the base of Mori, and the vassal and the merchants of the castle town emigrated under Hiroshima-jo Castle.
There are various opinions about the abandoned castle time, the 1591 year when finished its role as Mr. Mori's main Castle can be said to be the time of factual abandonment. Yoshidakoriyama Castle was demolished by The Ikkoku Ichijo Rei (Law of One Castle per One Province) which the Edo Shogunate gave in 1615, when a revolt of Shimabara happened in 1637, the Stone Wall and the Moat of this Castle was destroyed and removed by the Shogunate which was afraid of the rising to action of the Christian.