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Structure, the history, charm of Tsuwano Castle

Tsuwano Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho, Kanoashi-gun, Shimane of Japan.

Tsuwano Castle was built in Reigizan Mountain of 367 meters above sea level that lay in the southwestern part of the Tsuwano Basin. From the construction of this castle, it was called Sanbobmatsu Castle until the late Muromachi period. In Kamakura era, 1282, Yoriyuki Yoshimi started for its new post for the coast defense on this place as Jito (manager and lord of manor) of the West Iwami district. Yoshimi established the mansion (Yoshimi house trace) in Kisono at first and built Mitake Castle and Tokunaga Castle in the north. In 1295, Yoshimi started construction of Sanbonmatsu Castle from the back of Washiharahachiman-gu Shrine in the south side of Reigi-zan Mountain. It continued being expanded steadily towards the mountaintop and was completed in 1324 that was a generation of child Yorinao Yoshimi of Yoriyuki. There were no Stone Wall at that time, it was a Castle with only a Earthwork and a Dried Moat. Afterward, Tsuwano Castle became the castle of Yoshimi 14 generations.
Yoshimi belonged to Ouchi at first for the Sengoku period. 11s present head of a household Masayori raises an army against Harukata Sue which ruined Yoshitaka Ouchi in the Tainei-ji Incident. In 1554, a siege war for more than 100 days occurred.( The battlet of Sanbonmatsu Castle ). Afterwards when Mori who won against The Battle of Itsuku-shima starts "Boutyoukeiryaku" ( MORI's conquest of Suo and Nagato Provinces ), Yoshimi was affiliated and assumed Tsuwano Castle a castle continuing. Afterwards in 1600 the West Military which assumes Terumoto Mori a commander-in-chief in the Battle of Sekigahara loses, when Mori is shut up in Bocho two provinces ( Suo and Nagato ), Yoshimi left Tsuwano too and emigrated to Hagi. In place of Yoshimi, Naomori Sakazaki who belonged to the east military enters the country in 30,000 koku, and repaired it very much to the early modern times Castle which used many Stone Walls. He changed a position of Ote-mon Gate to the Behind the Story Gate side of Yoshimi Era and built a Fortress and the Castle Tower. In 1616, Naomori performed suicide (even if or he was murdered by a vassal) by Senhime incident ( It was found out to make a plan to attack the Senhime's marriage procession, and to seize Senhime ), and Sakazaki became the attainting.
In 1617, Masanori Kamei enters the country in 43,000 koku from Inaba country Shikano feudal clan. Afterward It became the Castle of Kamei until the Meiji Restoration for 11 generations. A house (Tsuwano residence of a lord) and an Outside Moat were established at the foot of a mountain, and a Castle Town was maintained by Kamei. In 1686, a fire produced the Castle in accord with a thunderbolt. In doing so, the Castle Tower is destroyed by fire, too and was not rebuilt afterward.