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Tottori Castle

【 Chugoku 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Tottori Castle

Tottori Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Tottori-shi, Tottori of Japan.

Because it can see the change that is in a castle from the Sengoku period to the end of Edo era, it have the nickname of "the museum of the castle". A Castle Tower, a Stone Wall, a Moat, a Well are left now.
 It has been said that Nobumichi Yamana which was the protection of Inaba constructed a castle as Yamashiro which used the natural topography of Kyuusyouzan Mountain for 1532-1555 years when was in the middle of the Sengoku period, but, Possibility established as a branch castle of Tajima Yamana (Suketoyo Yamana) in rivalry with Inaba Yamana of Nobumichi Yamana is supported in the recent study. It is from the times of Takanobu Takeda of the Genki year (1570-1573) that the lord of this Castle is confirmed formally. Takanobu Takeda was a vassal of Inaba Yamana revived after extinction of Nobumichi as a branch family of Tajima Yamana, but gradually attacked the power and was based in the Tottori castle in the Eiroku era year (1558-1570). In 1561, Toyakazu Yamana who got the seat of Inaba protection struck Takanobu Takeda who published the anti-protection and raised an army. Both fluctuate fierce battle continued, but finally ended in victory of the Takeda group. (the Battle of Yutokoroguti) After The Battle of Yutokoroguti, Takanobu Takeda which became predominant over a person of protection struck Tenjinyama castle and I let Toyokazu Yamana of the Inaba protection escape to Shikano Castle and supported nominal protection, Toyohiro Inaba and achieved " Gekokujo " ( an inverted social order where the lowly reigned over the elite ). Takanobu Takeda is often opposed to Toyokuni Yamana which is a younger brother of Toyokazu afterwards and comes to keep friendship with Mori of Aki. In 1573, Takanobu Takeda received an attack of Toyokuni Yamana who it linked to the remnants of the Amago to defeat him. Takanobu Takeda who became the numerical inferiority linked the peace Conference and evacuated the castle, but I was murdered soon by a hand of Toyokuni Yamana. Takanobu Takeda which became the numerical inferiority linked the peace negotiations and surrendered the castle, but he was killed unlawfully soon by a hand of Toyokuni Yamana.
 The base of Inaba Yamana was moved to this Tottori Castle, too, but it was attacked in Motoharu Kikkawa who went into this district, and Toyokuni Yamana surrendered, and, as a result, Toyomoto Mori became the lord of this Castle. However, it is attacked, and, for 1,574 years, Toyomoto surrenders to the remnants of the Amago again, too. Toyomoto Mori pressured Suketoyo Yamana of Tajima and let reconciliation grow. When, in 1575, power of Mori comes to extend to Tottori by reconciliation directly, the remnants of the Amago withdraws from the Tottori Castle to escape from the power, Toyokuni Yamana was settled down as the lord of this Castle again. In 1580, a 3-month siege war was carried out by the first Tottori Castle attack of Hideyoshi Hashiba who received an order of Nobunaga Oda. Toyokuni Yamana surrendered to Nobunaga Oda by a peace conference without being able to endure a siege and did a retainer.
 In 1581, After replacing it of some lord of a castle, Tsuneie Kikkawa who was a chief vassal of Mori became the lord of this Castle. In 1582, keijun Miyabe who became a police sergeant of Hideyoshi entered the Tottori Castle as a castle warden, and Oda group made this area the base when to capture. In1600, the Miyabes belonged to the west military at the Battle of Sekigahara and was lost the fight, so evacuated this Castle. At that time, Nagayoshi Ikeda (Ikeda) enters in 60,000 koku, and was repaired to the early modern times Castle by Ikeda. The maintenance of the Castle Town was carried out, too, and Ikeda just reached the twelfth generation followed to the Meiji Restoration.