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Structure, the history, charm of Nakagusuku Castle

Nakagusuku Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Nakagusuku-son, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa of Japan.

 One of the world heritage registered as "Gusuku and related relics group of the Ryukyu Kingdom" in 2000. This Castle is known as a Castle of Gozamaru of the times of Ryukyu kingdom, Sho Taikyuu-king of the 15th century.
 The time of the construction of this Castle is unknown. The feature is that most remains of an ancient structure are left as an original. How to load stone walls was very elegant, and it was strong. It is precious that a castle wall is made by a symmetry.
 Sachinaka gusukuaji passes to several generations by the about the latter half of 14th century and built a main part of South Kuruwa, West Kuruwa, Ichino Kuruwa, Nino Kuruwa. In 1440, Moriharu Gozamaru moved to this castle from Zakimi Castle of Yamitan Country. It is said that he moved to live in order to check Amawari of Katsuren Castle who is against the king Shuri prefecture. The Sanno Kuruwa and North Kuruwa were enlarged by Moriharu Gozamaru, and current form was completed. The Castle Wall surrounding this Castle has a unique curve and is noticed as a heterogeneous one. However, in 1458, Moriharu Gozamaru was attacked in a stratagem of Amawari who came over to as the King prefecture forces, and killed himself and falls.
 It has been used afterwards as "castle of the Zhongcheng prince" "guard station" "Zhongcheng village office" until prewar days. Admiral Perry who pressed Japan to open the country visits Okinawa Island in 1853 and admired the height of building engineering works technical standards of this Castle.