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Nakijin Castle

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Structure, the history, charm of Nakijin Castle

Nakijin Castle is a castle (Mountain Castle) which was in current Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa of Japan.

 This Castle among solid Castle Walls was located to approximately 100 meters above sea level and was the pivotal Castle which protected the land of Yanbaru. It consisted of seven Kuruwa when included an outer fence, and its area was almost the scale with the Shuri Castle. The Stone Wall surrounding this Castle creates the curve that used the topography skillfully, and detail of the Castle Wall is Okinawa's leading fine Castle beautifully. It is designated as a national historic site.
 It was the Castle of a king, Hokuzan king of Hokuzan who existed before Ryukyu kingdom establishment in the 14th century. A lot of ceramics of China or Southeast Asia are excavated from the inside of a castle and it shows the prosperity of the times. In 1416, After Syou Hashi of Chuzan King unified three statelets, "Hokuzan Kansyu" was dispatched in this country until 1665 by the Ryukyu Imperial rule prefecture.
 In 1609, at the time of the Ryukyu aggression by the Satsuma feudal clan, this Castle became the first target of the attack After the last "Hokuzan Kansyu" was withdrew in 1665, this Castle was left as a place to participate in the festival. The maintenance of the remains of an ancient structure such as Stone Walls was pushed forward and was appointed as "Nakajin Castle Site" on the historic spot of the country in 1972.
 It was enrolled in a list of world heritages as "Gusuku and related relics group of the Ryukyu Kingdom" in 2000.