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Okazaki Castle

【 Hokuriku ・ Tokai 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Okazaki Castle

Okazaki Castle is a Castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Kouseicho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi of Japan.

 This Okazaki Castle is known as the Castle where Ieyasu Tokugawa was born. It was a durability Castle of Matsudaira in the Azuchimomoyama era from the Sengoku period and was a feudal clan agency of the Okazaki feudal clan in the Edo era. Originally built as Hirayama shiro where the Honmaru was placed at the top of the mountain, however it has been changed to Hira shiro by renovation.
 In 1452, Tsugiyori Saigou of the Mikawa country constructed this castle as a fort of the Ryuutouzan Mountain. In 1466, Nobumitsu Matsudaira defeated the lord of a castle Yoritsugu Saigou at the time for the Matsudaira third generation, and Mitsushige Matsudaira which became a son-in-law of Saigo became the lord of a castle, and the Okazaki Matsudairas was established. In 1531, Kiyoyasu Matsudaira who defeated the Okazaki Matsudairas became the lord of a castle and maintained this Castle and enlarged his power, but lost his life by the rebellion of the vassal. In 1542, Takechiyo (later Ieyasu Tokugawa) was born in this Castle. In the castle at the time, a roof of the gate and an oar was thatch, too. Though here is a stone production area, but the Stone Walls was not made, and only smoothed the soil which dug the moat upward, the earthwork that only planted turf only rotated. When Hirotada Matsudaira was killed in 1549 by the rebellion of the vassal, the Okazaki Castle was treated as a branch Castle of the Imagawas, and a castle warden was employed. In 1560, when Yoshimoto Imagawa dies in a loss by a fight of the Okehazama, Motoyasu Matsudaira (later Ieyasu Tokugawa) regains Okazaki Castle and becomes independent from the Imagawas. Afterward Ieyasu subjugated the Mikawa district and he played an active part based in Okazaki and walked a way to the Tenka Toitsu ( unification of the whole country ).
 In 1570, Ieyasu moved a base to the Hamamatsu Castle, and Nobuyasu Matsudaira of the child entered the Okazaki Castle. However, Nobuyasu was suspected of the rebellion, and was involved in anger of Nobunaga Oda and was made to do an own blade. Afterward, Kazumasa Ishikawa and the Shigetsugu Honda and others of the chief vassal acted as a castle warden.
 In 1590, when Ieyasu becomes transfer to Kanto, Yoshimasa Tanaka of the Toyotomi vassal entered to this Castle. As one of the base to suppress Ieyasu, Yoshimasa expanded the castle and maintained to a early modern Castle using the strong Stone Wall and Castle Wall. In addition, he performed the maintenance of the Castle Town positively and changed Tokaido which went along the suburbs of Okazaki to go along the center of the Okazaki Castle Town and was maintained on the crank-formed way said to be "27 curves of Okazaki" and made the model of the current Okazaki Castle.
 In 1602, Yasushige Honda who is the chief vassal of the Tokugawa hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family enters this country in 50,000 koku from Ueno state Shirai. After that it was regarded as important as a castle of the Ieyasu birth under the Tokugawa Administration, and Fudai daimyo acts as the successive lord of a castle. In 1617, the compound Castle Tower on three levels of the third floor was built at the age of Yasutoshi Honda. In 1644, Tadatoshi Honda of the Okazaki feudal lord completed a Stone Wall.
 In 1873, this Castle was abandoned by the Abandoned Castle Law, and the buildings including the Castle Tower were removed. Currently It lost all buildings and it is being maintained as Okazaki Park.