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Inuyama Castle

  •  Existence : The Castle Tower  
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    【 Hokuriku ・ Tokai 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Inuyama Castle

    Inuyama Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Inuyama-shi, Aichi of Japan..

    It is in the boundary of Owari country and the Mino country and is built in the hill along Kiso river. Only a Castle tower exists now. It is the Castle which Nobuyasu Oda who is an uncle of Nobunaga Oda repairs and remade the fort which is a forerunner, afterwards, Sadakiyo Ishikawa repaired it at the time of the Toyotomi political power and became the form like the present.
     It is considered to be an opening that Hirochika Oda of Iwakura Odas built the fort on this place in 1469. In 1537, Nobuyasu Oda abolished the castle's Kinoshita Castle and built a new Castle at the current position and moved here. It is thought that up to the second floor of the existing Castle Tower was built in these days. In 1544, Nobuyasu Oda was killed in action by a battle with Dosan Saito, and Nobukiyo Oda of the child became the lord of a Castle. ( Battle of the Kanoguchi ). In 1564, Nobukiyo Oda lost in conflict with Nobunaga Oda and fled into the country of the Kai. Tsuneoki Ikeda or Katsunaga Oda acted as the lord of a Castle of this Castle afterward. In 1582, Sadanari Nakagawa of the Nobukatsu Oda subordinates who possessed Owari country became the lord of a Castle after Honnoji-Temple Incident. In 1584 in a fight of Komaki Nagakute, TsuneokiIn Ikeda considered to be a friend of Nobukatsu Oda made a surprise attack suddenly and recaptured it from the Nobukatsu side. As a result, Inuyama Castle became the foothold for an attack of the West Military in the Owari country and furthermore Hideyoshi Hashiba spread Honjin and confronted Ieyasu Tokugawa who take up a position in Komakiyama Castle. In 1587, this Castle was returned to Nobuo Oda. In 1590, when Nobukatsu Oda was made attainting, this country became the territory of Hidetsugu Toyotomi, and Yoshifusa Miyoshi of the father acted as a Castle Warden. In 1596, when Hidetsugu Toyotomi committed harakiri, it was Sadakiyo Ishikawa to have become the next lord of a Castle, and he rebuilt this Castle again.
    In 1600, at the time of Battle of Sekigahara it became the base of the West Military with Gifu Castle, Takegahana Castle, and many military commanders were assigned. However, when Gifu Castle fell, only Sadakiyo Ishikawa stayed, and other military commanders went over to the East Military. Sadakiyo Ishikawa abandons Inuyama Castle and participated in the Battle of Sekigahara, but is defeated. In 1601, Yoshitsugu Ogasawara which is the chief retainer of the Owari Tokugawas becomes the lord of a Castle, and a Castle Town is arranged from this time. In 1607, in the same way Chikayoshi Hiraiwa which is the chief retainer of the Owari Tokugawas becomes the lord of a Castle. Yoshinori of the nephew of Chikayoshi acted as the lord of a castle for six years after Chikayoshi died in 1612. In 1617, Masanari Naruse of the chief retainer of the Owari feudal clan becomes the lord of a Castle, and a " Kara Hafu Demado ( Chinese gable oriel )" is enlarged at the Castle Tower.
    Afterward, It became the Castle of the Naruses nine generations through the Edo era. It became the abandoned castle by establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains of 1871, and the most including an Oar, the Castle Gate were demolished except a Castle Tower which exists.