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Hirosaki Castle

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    【 Hokkaido ・ Tohoku 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Hirosaki Castle

    Hirosaki Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Hirosaki-shi, Aomori of Japan.

     This Castle became the center of the political economy of the Tsugaru district as a Castle of Mr. Tsugaru of the Hirosaki Ceudal clan in the Edo era This Castle is located in Tsugaru plains and consists of a Honmaru, Ninomaru, Ninomaru, Sannomaru, Yonnomaru, Kitanokuruwa , and Nishinokuruwa. Currently, the whole of the castle, such as Moats, Stone Walls, Earthwork, keeps the original form at the time of abandonment, and eight buildings and one Castle Tower are present.
     In 1590, in the case of the Odawara conquest, Tamenobu Oura who had been ministerial to Mr. Nambu received the license with a red seal of the feudal tenure relief of 45,000koku ahead of Nanbu from Hideyoshi Toyotomi. He changed the family name in Tsugaru from Oura. In 1594, Tamenobu Tsugaru built the Horikoshi Castle and changed from Oura Castle. However, because by the reason of this place is unsuitable for military, he had selected Takaoka (current Hirosaki castle site) as a candidate for a newly built Castle. In 1600, As Tamenobu Tsugaru took sides with the East Military at the Battle of Sekigahara, he received a reward from Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the Hirosaki feudal clan of 47,000koku was established. In 1603, Tamenobu Tsugaru started the construction of the Castle in a place of Takaoka. In 1604, Tamenobu Tsugaru died in Kyoto, the construction of the Castle was suspended. In 1609, Nobuhira Tsuruga who was the second generation lord of a castle reopened the Construction of this Castle. He converted the Remains of Horikoshi Castle and Oura Castle, and performed construction of a castle with the immediate pace. In 1611, Takaoka Castle is almost completed. Afterwards, this castle developed as a residence Castle of Mr. Tsugaru generations. In 1627, a Castle Tower of Takaoka Castle was burnt down by a thunderbolt and was destroyed by fire with a Castle Tower and Honmaru Palace and various Oars. Afterward, the Times without the Castle Tower lasted for nearly 200 years. In 1628, Nobuhira Tsuruga changed the name of the castle from Takaoka Castle to Hirosaki Castle.
      In 1810, Yasuchika Tsuruga who was the ninth generation lord applied for building three levels of oars to the Shogunate, and presently seen Castle Tower was built at the Homaru. In 1873, an Abandoned Castle Law was promulgated, and this Castle was treated as an abandoned Castle. Honmaru Palace or Military Arts Place are demolished after this.