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Matsue Castle

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    【 Chugoku 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Matsue Castle

    Matsue Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Tonomachi, Matsue-shi, Shimane of Japan.

    It is located in the northern part of the Matsue city and assumes the Kyoubashi River flowing through the south an outside moat. This Castle played a key role of the political economy of the Izumo district as a feudal clan agency of the Matsue feudal clan in the Edo era. The Castle Tower is four folds of appearance, internal the fifth floor, the first floor under the ground, and Oar of the one-storied house which has the first floor under the ground toward the south of the Castle Tower is attached. It attracts attention structurally to use many "Through Pillar" extending over two floors.
     In 1600, Tadauji Horio who had meritorious services in war by the Battle of Sekigahara entered to the Gassanntoda Castle in 240,000koku, and Matsue feudal clan was established. Since Gassantoda Castle is a medieval mountain castle, he selected a new Castle Ground because it is not suitable for the formation of a castle town in the early modern period or for the fief management, and made Suetsugu Castle Ruins as a candidate for a construction place. In 1607, Construction of a castle was started at the Kamedayama Mountain where Suetsugu Castle was built. In 1611, Matsue Castle is completed. In 1633, Tadaharu Horio of the lord of a castle dies. Tadaharu Horio did not have a heir, and therefore Horios became the attainting in three generations. In 1634, Tadataka Kyougoku entered to this Castle in 260,000koku of Izumo and Oki from Wakasa country Obama feudal clan. Tadataka built the Sannomaru, and the whole aspect of Matsue Castle was completed here. In 1637, Tadataka died, and Kyogoku became the extinction temporarily as there was not a heir. (Later it was revived in other country.) In 1638, Naomasa Matsudaira entered to this Castle in 186,000koku from Shinano country Matsumoto feudal clan. Afterward, Matsudaira follows until the Meiji Restoration.
     In 1873, The Abandoned Castle Law was promulgated, and all the buildings except the Castle Tower were removed. The Castle Tower will be sold, too, but it was bought back by powerful farmer and former clansmans and was saved. The Castle Tower built in the early Edo period is exist now.