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    【 Shikoku 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Uwajima Castle

    Uwajima Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current in Marunouchi, Uwajima-shi, Ehime of Shikoku of Japan.

    This Castle is an early modern times Castle built in the ruins of the Marukushi Castle by Takatora TODO. This Castle has Mizubori that drew seawater into the east side and is "Mizu Shiro (Warter Castle)" as half contacts with the sea in the west.
     Form of this Castle is a Pentagon. It is an idea to get an illusion to a quadrangular Castle.
    Takatora TODO thought in this way, naturally the enemy attacks it expecting being every direction form. However, actually, it is a pentagon, one side becomes the empty corner. In other words, for an enemy, there completely becomes the blind spot, and the attack becomes insufficient. So to speak, In this one side of empty corner, the attack of the enemy is avoided and can become the sortie mouth attacking an enemy.  It is not only it. This secret empty corner becomes the Carry-in entrance, and becomes the Bypath when someone escape alive from a castle. This may say that the effect is great in a strategy to protect a castle. There was not the Castle using such a mechanism by art of construction of a Castle at the time elsewhere.
     In 1236, Kintsune Naionji places Uwajima district under power and built the Castle of the fort degree to current Shiroyama. It was called Marugushi Castle in those days. What we can confirm when the posture as the real Castle was formed in a record, Iefuji Kenmotsu made it in 1546, and was called Itajima-Marugushi Castle. In 1575, it becomed the Castle of Nobuhisa Saionji. In 1585, the Iyo country becomes the feudal tenure of Takakage Kobayakawa by the Shikoku subjugation of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. A Castle Warden was employed as a branch Castle of the Matsumae Castle that he was based in. Ukyo Mochida that was a vassal of Takakage Kobayakawa acted as a Castle Warden. In 1587, Takakage Kobayakawa becomes a transfer to the Chikuzen country, and it is replaced, Katsutaka Toda entered to Ozu Castle. In 1594, Katsutaka Toda died.
     In 1595, Takatora TODO receives Uwa county in 70,000koku and entered to this Castle. In 1596, Takatora started the building of this Castle. In 1601, a current Castle is completed and is named Uwajima Castle. Takatora was decided to transference in Iyo Kokufu (existing Imabari-shi) in the last year by the success of the Battle of Sekigahara , but spread there after having made sure of the completion of the Castle. In 1608, Nobutaka Tomita entered to This Castle from Ise country. In 1613, Nobutaka Tomita becomes the attainting, and the Uwa county becomes the Tokugawa shogunate government direct control.
     In 1614, Hidemune Date who is the eldest son of Masamune Date entered to this Castle in 100,000koku. Afterward, Date family served the lord of a castle until the Meiji Restoration. In 1662, Munetoshi who is a feudal lord of the second generation started the repair of the aged Castle. In 1666, constructed the current Castle Tower. In 1671, repair was completed.