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Kochi Castle

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    【 Shikoku 】 area


    Structure, the history, charm of Kochi Castle

    Kochi Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Kochi-shi, Kochi of Japan.

    This Castle was built on Ootakasayama Mountain (44.4m above sea level) that was almost located in the center of Kochi plains with Kochi-shi. The Kagami River which flowed through the south of the mountain and the Enokuchi River which flowed through the north were used each as a Outside Moat. Kochi Castle is known as the only Castle where the building of the Honmaru is completely left. It escaped from an air raid by an Abandoned Castle Law and World War II of the early period of Meiji, and 15 buildings including a Castle Tower, a Palace, the Omote Gate exists.
     It is said to be an opening of Kochi Castle that Ootakasa-Matsuoumaru which is a powerful family of the Southern Courts built the castle in Ootakasayama Mountain in the Northern and Southern Courts period , However, in 1341, it is attacked in the Northern Courts and falls down. In 1587, Motochika Chosogabe built the Castle in Ootakasayama Mountain after returning home from Kyushu conquest service in a war of Hideyoshi Toyotomi again. In 1588, Motochika moved a Castle of lord to Ootakasa Castle from Okou Castle, and rebuilt the Ootakasa Castle. In 1591, However he was troubled by the flooding of the river because this place was a morass here. So after all he built Urado Castle and moved the Castle of lord there. In this way Ootakasa Castle becomed the Abandoned Castle temporarily.
     In 1601, Morichika who was a child of Motochika had lost in the Battle of Sekigahara in favor of the West Military, so he was done attainting. Instead of it, Kazutoyo Yamanouchi moved into from Kakegawa Castle and was given Tosa country 242,000koku and entered to Urado Castle. In August, 1601, in Urado, Kazutoyo decided to build new Castle in the place of Ootakasayama Mountain where Chosogabe gave up construction of a Castle once to open the Castle Town because it was narrow. But, this ground had a geographical advantage facing the Gulf of Urado, but it was expected that construction was difficult because it was a morass. Therefore he entrusted full power of construction of this Castle and the maintenance of the Castle Town to famous Tsunaie Dodo as a master hand of the construction of castle that became the vassal after the Battle of Sekigahara. Kazutoyo started river improvement construction of the Kagami River and the Enokuchi River and prepared for a flood. In 1603, a Stone Wall of Honmaru and Ninomaru was completed, and Kazutoyo entered to this Castle. In doing so, it was changed the name to "Kouchiyama Castle". In 1610, this Castle and City name came to be called "Kochi". In 1611, Sannomaru which was a difficulty was completed, and all the territory of Kochi Castle was completed.
     In 1727, Kochi Castle Town was hit by a big fire, and, in this Castle, the most except the Omote Gate were destroyed by fire. Most of the buildings currently seen are those that were rebuilt after this. In 1729, 8th generation Toyonobu appoints Tatewaki Fukao to a Fushin bugyo (the Minister of Civil Engineering and Construction Office) and started the rebuilding of this Castle. In 1749, The Castle Tower others Oar, the Gate is completed. The Castle Tower became small-sized, but, as for the appearance, was revived a figure before the destruction by fire.
    In 1753, Rebuilding completion.
     In 1873, an Abandoned Castle Law was promulgated, and this place becomes "Kochi Park" now.