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【 Chugoku 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle is a castle (Flatland Castle) which was in current Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima of Japan.

In Hirajiro which Terumoto Mori built in the delta zone of the Otagawa river mouth, the citadel including the castle tower existed until 1945 and was dotted.
 In 1589, construction of a castle was started by Terumoto Mori. As for this construction of a castle, expectation as the staging base (lodging of Hideyoshi) to tie Osaka-jo Castle and Jurakudai which were an advanced base in the Korea dispatch of troops of Hideyoshi moving for the same period and the Nagoya castle where it was and a base of Hideyoshi to by sea was done. Landfill in the middle of the river and the dredging of the moat were early large-scale works, and great difficulty was expected, but Terumoto himself recommended it eagerly. In 1590, A moat and a fort were completed. In 1591, Terumoto entered to this Castle. In 1592, Hideyoshi on the way to Nagoya Castle to direct the Bunroku War dropped in at this castle and saw the inside of the castle. In 1593, a Stone Wall was completed. In 1599, all construction was completed. It is said that the name called "Hiroshima" was acquired at this time. In 1600, Terumoto who attached to the West Army in the Sekigahara battle was defeated in this battle and was transferred to Suo / Nagato.
 Instead, Masanori Fukushima became the lord of a castle, and began the reconstruction of this Castle. Therefore the details that what kind of figure Hiroshima Castle at the time of the construction of a castle was have become unclear Masanori Fukushima maintained Hiroshima Castle of the affairs of a feudal clan era, and there was a scale of approximately 1 kilometer square approximately 900,000 square meters in area with the outside moat , a inner moat, a middle moat. This large-scale Castle Maintenance and Making Castle Town angered Tokugawa Ieyasu, and in 1609, Masanori was announced a confinement to the house. Furthermore in 1619, Masanori restored a damaged castle, but because he did not report it to the Shogunate, he was blamed with " Without Notice Reconstruction", he was transferred to Shinano country Kawanakajima.
 In 1619, Nagaakira Asano entered to this Castle in 420,000koku. After that it became the Castle of Asano, and it lasted the twelfth generations approximately 250 years up to the Meiji era.