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Aizuwakamatsu Castle

【 Hokkaido · Tohoku 】 area


Structure, the history, charm of Aizuwakamatsu Castle

Aizuwakamatsu Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Outemachi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima of Japan.

 It is said that it is a beginning of Wakamatsu Castle that Naomori Ashina built the hall called Higashi Kurokawa Yakata in 1384. In 1589, Masamune Date who had been repeating a fight for many years with Ashina ignored the control of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and attacked Yoshihiro Ashina and destroyed Ashina and obtained Kurokawa Castle. However, afterwards, Masamune received the judgment of Hideyoshi in 1590, and a country of Aizu was taken away. Instead of it, Ujisato Gamo entered to the Kurokawa Castle. And in 1592, he remodeled it into the castle in the early modern times appropriate for the Great Daimyo and maintained the Castle Town, too. In 1593, the Castle Tower of seven folds of observation tower types was completed, and the name of the Castle was changed to " Tsuruga Castle(鶴ヶ城)". Because Hideyuki who was a child of Ujisato caused Family Trouble in 1598, he was demoted from 920,000koku to 180,000koku and was transferred to Utsunomiya of the Shimotsuke country. Instead of it, Kagekatsu Uesugi entered to this Castle in 120,000koku from Echigo country. In 1600, Ieyasu Tokugawa demoted Kagekatsu Uesugi who took part in the West Military at the Battle of Sekigahara to 300,000koku, and transferred him to the Yonezawa of the Dewa country.
 In 1601, Hideyuki Gamo entered to this Castle again. However, in 1627, since Hideyuki's eldest son Tadasato died without a heir, the Gamo family was transferred to Matsuyama of the Iyo country. Instead of it, Yoshiakira Kato entered to this Castle from Matsuyama of the Iyo country. Yoshiakira Kato rebuilt the collapsed Castle Tower in the Aizu Earthquake that occurred in 1611. In 1643, the Katos was performed attainting of. Instead of it, Masayuki Hoshina who is a half brother of 3s general Iemitsu Tokugawa entered to this Castle in 230,000koku from Yamagata of the Dewa country. Afterwards, It became the Castle of the Aizu Matsudairas ( changed name from Hoshina ) until the Meiji Restoration. The feudal lord of the late Tokugawa period is Katamori Matsudaira. It is famous he became the Kyoto Shugoshoku and to have dealt with the peace and order of the capital Kyoto. This Castle showed the name to the world by the Boshin War of 1868 as the impregnable fine Castle which was worthy of an intense battle for approximately one month. Even if Taisuke Itagaki borrowed the help of reinforcements of Satsuma, He was not able to conquer this Castle after all. However, this Castle was surrendered afterwards.
 In 1874, Everything else was demolished leaving only a Stone Wall, but were rebuilt in 1965. In 2011, the replacement work to "red cement tile" was completed and the appearance at the end of the Edo period was reproduced. It becomes the Castle Tower of the domestic only "red cement tile" at the existing Castle Tower.



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