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    Structure, the history, charm of Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle is a castle (Flatland Mountain Castle) which was in current Konkicho, Hikone-shi, Shiga of Japan.

    This castle was built in the Mt. Hikone as a base of Ii in the early period of Edo era. It was the Castle of Ii 14 generations who was the hereditary daimyo who produced many Tairou (chief minister).
    The Castle Tower on three levels and the third floor is located in the northwest corner of Honmaru, and there is it from a Kuromonguchi at the position looking down at " Urasaka " to Honmaru.
    The Castle Tower itself is equally responsible for defense, and this can say that it is an extremely practical castle. In addition, " Nobori Ishigaki " which is Construction Technique of the Japanese Castle with a few existence examples is saved in good form. As for this "Tenbin-yagura" Stone Wall, the left side becomes "Otoshi-zumi", the right side becomes "Gobou-zumi".
     In 1600, Naomasa Ii who was one of the Tokugawa-shitenno(Four Generals Serving Tokugawa Ieyasu) was enfeoffed as the northeastern part of Oomi country after the Battle of Sekigahara in 180,000 koku by the meritorious service in war and entered to the Sawayama Castle. Although he was planning to relocate hating that this Castle was a medieval old turf and Ishida Mitsunari's Castle, he was unable to heal the wounds in battle of Sekigahara, and in 1602 He died. Afterward, Naotsugu inherited birthright, but, because of childhood, Morikatsu Kimata of the senior retainer inherited his will of the deceased and started construction of the Hikone Castle on the current Hikone mountain in 1603. The construction of this Castle was Tenkabushin ( Construction Order by the Tokugawa Shogunate) that the 12 daimyo including Owari feudal clan and the Echizen feudal clan in seven countries was ordered a help by. The Castle Tower was transferred from Otsu Castle, and the Tenbin-yagura was transferred from Nagahama Castle. In 1606, Naotsugu entered to this Castle at time same as the Castle Tower completion. In 1616, the third construction was started by only the Hikone feudal clans. At this time, a Palace was constructed, and, in 1622, all construction was completed, and Hikone Castle was completed.
     In 1854, the Great Repair of the Tenbin-yagura was carried out, and the Stone Wall of "Otoshi-zumi" and "Gobou-zumi" was completed. Naosuke Ii who acted as chief ministry of the Shogunate in the late Tokugawa period spent time in this castle town till he became a feudal lord. An Abandoned Castle Law was given in 1873, but it is said that the destruction escaped because the Emperor Meiji gave an order for the preservation of Hikone Castle when the Emperor Meiji passed Hikone by an Imperial tour. The Castle Tower exists now.




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