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Topics - Apr.2017

■In fact. It is beautiful enough to swim ! " Osaka Castle Outer Moat ".
 An international convention of triathlon which incorporates Osaka Castle Park as the main venue and East Outer Moat took in the swimming course will be held on June 25.
 We examined water in last April, and we collated it with a standard of Ministry of the Environment, and the result that swimming is possible was given.
 We made trial swimming in people concerned with sponsorship in September and algae and a waterweed disturbed it, but judged it from a part with playability if reaping it.

〈 Quoted by SANKEI WEST 〉17.Apr.2017

■" Revival symbol " Kumamoto Castle.
Moved forward to restoration.
 It will be one year since the Kumamoto earthquake on Apr 14th. Kumamoto Castle, which was greatly hurt by an unprecedented disaster, began full-scale restoration as a "Revival symbol". The distance to restoration to be said to take 20 years attracts attention. At the entrance of Kumamoto Castle, a huge slope to install a heavy industrial machine was completed.
 The practical use of a certain technique is expected, too. It is "the stone wall search system" which Kumamoto University developed. It trace the form of the stone wall of the drawing and find out a stone wall of the form that was similar in only several seconds when we click a search. The place where some stones have been already piled up until an earthquake by this system is pinpointed.
 The castle tower is covered with a seat for restoration construction in next month. It is the spring after next that construction is completed.

〈 Quoted by TBS NEWS 〉10.Apr.2017

■Nagoya Castle, will rent a room.
"Honmaru palace", 20,000 yen per day.

 Nagoya city rents the room of Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten which restoration work is going on from April. In three rooms including "孔雀之間" (Kujakunoma) of the neighborhood of palace center, it is the first trial in the whole country in the castle facilities of the wooden reconstruction. Anyone can use it if certain conditions are satisfied. A rate is 20,000 yen a day, and it is said that inquiries have already occurred successively.

〈 Quoted by NIKKEI SHINBUN 〉04.Apr.2017

■Hirosaki Castle stone wall dismantling.
Observation deck completion for the visit of the restoration.

 With the great repair of the Stone Wall of Hirosaki Castle Honmaru which it became approximately 100 years since the last, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori installed the observation deck that could look at each work of the dismantling and the restoration of the Stone Wall close in Hirosaki Park Ninomaru.

〈 Quoted by Web Touoku 〉01.Apr.2017

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